Paraffin wax polyester products have excellent chemical and mechanical stability, high filling capacity and high resistance to removal and shrinkage. These products are used either as base coats or as exceptionally brilliant top coats after specific sanding, brushing and polishing processes. Because of the high solid content, these products are particularly recommended for closed pore cycles and modern furniture coating.

Direct gloss polyester base coats, also known as “polyesterine”, do not contain paraffin. These basecoats allow easier manual sanding as compared to polyurethane primers. They differ from the latter because of their high solid content; allowing higher filling capacity and fewer applications. Polyesterines, being particularly resistant to shrinkage and removal, are recommended for closed pore cycles, both clear and pigmented, and are ideal for kitchen and bathroom coatings.  Their high thixotrophy makes them also suitable for painting shaped items, even upright structures.

Croma range includes:

Air-drying or UV curing waxed polyester coats

These products have an unsaturated resin base, to which proprietary paraffin is added. This creates a superficial insulating barrier between the paint film and air; allowing for perfect drying and maximum chemical and mechanical resistance.
Film formation for normal waxed polyesters occurs at room temperature due to the reaction with peroxide catalysts which is triggered by accelerators. For UV paraffin polyesters, the reaction is due to the use of photosensitive catalysts (photo-activators), whose action is triggered by UV curing lamps.
Because of its high solid content, polyester products are particularly suitable as preparation products to obtain closed pore finishes, both transparent and pigmented, for the outside and inside of modern and classical furniture, wardrobes, desks, tables and kitchens.

If suitably sanded and polished, it is possible to obtain high gloss pigmented or transparent wet look topcoats.

Non-paraffin polyester base-coats (polyesterines)

Non-paraffin polyester basecoats are used to obtain high-filling basecoats. The absence of paraffin makes these basecoats very easy to sand and ideally suited for  shaped articles such as picture or door frames or other structureswhich cannot be sanded mechanically. These products can be used to obtain closed pore finishes where maximum filling with a minimum number of coats is required.