Polyurethane coatings

These products have  excellent versatility and  exceptional chemical and physical resistance.  They produce hard surface topcoats with excellent results.  Suitable  for various uses and product sectors.

Acrylic base and topcoats guarantee maximum resistance to yellowing on light or bleached woods.

Croma range includes a complete series of clear and pigmented polyurethane products:

  • Clear basecoats
  • Pigmented basecoats
  • Clear and matt topcoats, basecoats
  • Clear and glossy topcoats
  • Matt and pigmented topcoats
  • Pigmented and glossy topcoats
  • Embossed, metallic and pearl effect top coats
  • Exotic wood sealers and melamine paper foils
  • Acrylic base coats
  • Acrylic top coats

IVM research and development labs, which have long been committed to the study of nanotechnology applications in the wood coating sector, have developed Nano-C, a specific line of nanotechnology products for various industrial applications.
Nanotechnology provides levels of scratch and abrasion resistance difficult to obtain with traditional technologies, while at the same time, leaving the aesthetic quality of top coats unaltered.