The regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP regulation / EU regulation 1272/2008) came into force in January 2009 and is based on the global harmonized system of the United Nations (GHS of ONU).

The regulation replaces two previous legislative acts:  the directive on dangerous substances (67/548) and the directive on dangerous preparations (1999/45), with a transition period until 1/6/2015.

As a result of this from 1/6/2015  new mixes will no longer be produced  (in our case coatings and thinners) with the old classification, but all must be classified and labelled in accordance with the new CLP regulation with a transition period for the packages already placed on the market before 1/6/2015  up to 1/6/2017.

After that date, only products with the CLP classification can be detained and marketed.

For your knowledge please note that the CLP regulation and subsequent note of the body set up by the European Community for its implementation (ECHA), defined as "placing on the market" supplying or making available to third parties, whether in return for payment or free of charge of substances or mixtures.

The new regulation, than previous, classifies products  with multiple symbols and risk phrases, then for the same products you can have diversity not due to product modifications, but determined only by different classification criteria of the two regulations.

For example, products that have a flash point between 21°and 55°C had no symbol, but only the phrase "flammable" now those products and those with a flash-point up to 60°C will have also the symbol of the flame.

Finally, please note that since April 2015 we have started start to label products in accordance with the new regulation.

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