Wood Art
Special Effects

The latest furniture and interior design trends increasingly require the customisation of living spaces. Colour, in its many combinations, provides coherence and volume, making furniture and rooms unique. The innumerable mixtures of colours and symmetries enable spaces to be designed and created with refined elegance, making them unique. The Croma Lacke by IVM Chemicals Laboratories, preceiving this trend, present Wood Art, an innovative line of special effects for wood: any room becomes unique thanks to the multitude of effects such as chrome, craquelure, mosaic, silk and many others, which can be combined together to create true works of art.

The Croma LackeWood Design line is characterised by:

  • A highly innovative selection of uique effects
  • Advanced technical performance ensuring a unique final result
  • Unexpected textures, tactile effects and aesthetic performance
  • Unlimited application possibilities in wood decoration

Thus art takes its rightful place in the decoration of spaces and furnishing elements, thanks to Croma Lacke Wood Art and the infinite effects which can be mutually combined:

DUBAI Gold Effect
Gold is the most precious metal: the Dubai effect has the warm color of antique gold that fits perfectly to the natural tones of wood. The surfaces are covered with taste and timeless elegance, with gold details that create original wood/ antique metal combinations.

OSLO Frost Effect
The frost effect Oslo reproduces on surface the slow formation of ice, creating icy needles with a 3D texture. The color crystallizations are adjustable both by dimension and touch effect, and can be colored to create interesting contrasts with the surface.

BERLIN Aluminum Effect
Matt, rigorous and minimalist aesthetic effect, which reproduces the metal surface of steel, to create contemporary design details with a strong and decisive character.

MUMBAI Silver Effect
The furniture is embellished with details and shiny silver finishes, creating color harmonies between wood and precious metal, embellishing the environments with aesthetic elements with a sober and elegant character.

LONDON Spun Effect
The color is deposited on the surface, creating subtle designs in color contrast or in delicate tone-on-tone combinations, with the absolute freedom to modulate the angle and orientation of the drawing and customize the final aesthetic effect.

FIRENZE Marble Effect
Marble is synonymous of art, and is a stylistic element that has always been present in ancient and contemporary works of art: the Florence effect reproduces this precious material, allowing creating high-quality inserts customizable in size and without any limit to creativity in the choice of color and grain pattern.

BARCELONA Mosaic Effect
The Barcelona effect reproduces the wise manual combination of small color tiles, to create high-quality surfaces with a maximum freedom of combining bright colors and delicate pastel shades. The distribution of tiles is random, in a geometrical drawing interspersed with regular thin lines, forming a three-dimensional tactile effect.

SYDNEY Snakeskin Effect
The wood becomes skin: surfaces with a texture designed down to the smallest technical details, to give to the touch an unexpectedly delicate and elastic skin effect, with the possibility of attaching to the tactile effect the typical patterns of real leather surfaces, from an exotic snake skin to the aged leather effect.

ISTANBUL Craquelé Effect
The Istanbul effect is a small time machine that produces irregular fractures and cracks in the dominant color of the surface with an effect that simulates an old canvas, slowly consumed by the years. It allows creating valuable antique effects, freely combining colors and modulating the desired aging degree.

LAS VEGAS Luminescent Effect
Wood has a bright secret: Las Vegas is the effect that can only be seen in the dark, which enlightens the details of furnishing elements that in absence of light hide their true shape. During the day, their surface absorbs the light, and at night it frees its glow.

​​DETROIT Chrome Effect
Chrome for details of character or for large surfaces: Detroit is the shiny metal effect that reflects light or multiplies spaces with creative optical effects. The perfectly smooth surface creates a liquid effect of depth and reflection which is reminiscent of mirrors.

MANHATTAN Metallized Effect
Metal, in sharp contrast with wood, is a material man-forged in many different alloys. Manhattan allows reproducing its looks, to customize interior details: gold, copper, and other metals as a result of creativity, customizable by color and texture grain. 

HELSINKI Artick-pack Effect
Three-dimensional effect that reproduces ice shapes cutaway through the formation of large colored islands that break down into progressively smaller fragments, separated by color corridors of different width. The color blocks, as the ice drift, are distributed on the surface according to random geometries, creating chromatic contrasts and variables designs that can be controlled both by size and tactile effect.

SHANGHAI Silk Effect
Thanks to the Shanghai effect, silk, a very valuable textile material, spreads on the wood to enrich it with a fine and caressing velvety texture, smooth to the touch.