The transparent, matt varnish that cannot be rubbed off.

Cromapur Evermatt is a real innovation in matt wood enamels. Evermatt gives every item of furniture an elegant, matt finish which is extremely durable and cannot be polished or rubbed off – a fundamental requirement for maintaining the beauty of your matt varnished furniture!

Tests using Cromapur Evermatt varnished surfaces have demonstrated that in comparison to traditional matt varnishes, surfaces varnished with PUR varnishes had a significantly higher level of chemical and mechanical resilience. In particular, the results of the Erichsen Tests showed that resistance levels were 4-5 times higher.

Because of the high levels of scratch resistance, the colourless polyurethane coating is perfect for use as an enamel for varnishing doors, furniture and furnishing accessories for all opaque or translucent coating processes.