Croma Lacke presents the latest news at the international fair Ligna 2019.

Focus on sustainability.


May 27-31 2019

Hall 17, Booth A48

The IVM Group, a global leader in wood coatings, participates with the Croma Lacke brand at Ligna, the premier world event dedicated to the wood supply chain, scheduled in Hannover from 27 to 31 May.

At the center of the stage are the new wood coatings solutions, featuring - environmentally-friendly and sustainable options: today IVM stands out in the global market for the development of new technologies and sustainable finishes.

The IVM Group's R&D laboratory has an unwavering commitment to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, by introducing raw materials from renewable sources. The purpose is to develop a new generation of sustainable coatings, able to guarantee high performance results , yet in an eco-friendly manner.

Following the excellent feedback recorded at the 2017 edition, Croma Lacke is again taking part in the international fair Ligna, scheduled in Hannover at the end of May, with a wide range of coatings solutions for every type of wooden surface. Among the innovations, a 100% UV oil with the highest content of renewable raw materials on the market, and the new Bio line of 100% UV products are featured.

UV OIL 100%, a matte clear topcoat, 3 gloss, is the innovative VOC-free finish made with 94% renewable raw materials, the highest content currently on the market. A perfect alternative to traditional oils, it ensures an excellent aesthetic result, able to revive the natural color of the wood, and enhance the grain. Ideal for parquet, but also for furniture, doors and paneling, it can be applied with a roller and dries in seconds. The proposed system is completed with the clear regenerating Oil 100% natural 281GAA3, applicable by brush or wipe, created to renew surfaces on site in an extremely simple way.

The unwavering commitment of the IVM Group's Research and Development laboratory has made it possible to create

the new BIO line of 100% UV products, made with up to 70% of raw material content from renewable sources.

Particular attention to sustainability is combined with high productivity, thanks to the use of UV technology that shortens drying times. Ideal both for open and closed pore cycles, the new BIO line, 100% UV, offers applications for use in many different fields, as furniture, parquet, doors and panels.

At Ligna, Croma Lacke presents as well the CROMASOL DIGITAL PRINTING CYCLE.

Developed specifically for digital, single-pass printing, it is a UV solution that combines the durability of wood coatings with the versatility and quality of digital printing. The cycle, ideal for parquet, is extremely resistant to light, and can be made in all the desired colors using a colored UV primer. The solution is applied with a roller and made in various tactile effects.

Additional new proposals to be presented in Hanover include the new WATER-BASED IMPREGNATORS for decking and furniture, characterized by excellent resistance to foot traffic and superior protection against weathering, biological agents and UV rays. Particular attention has also been paid to health and safety: the new range of water-based impregnators are compliant with the EN71 / 3 safety regulation for toys, making them suitable for use on children’s playground equipment and or children’s play areas.

All the impregnators are available in a clear version, as well as in 12 tinted colors, and are ideal for soft wood, exotic woods and thermo-treated woods. Maintenance is also extremely easy: surfaces painted with the new Croma Lacke water-based impregnators can be renewed using the same products, without sanding them.

Among the novelties, Croma Lacke also features 100% UV SOFT TOUCH and the new water-based UV finishes.

The 100% SOFT TOUCH UV finish combines the elegant soft-touch aesthetic effect, applied to UV technology, with green characteristics, thanks to the VOC Zero emissions formulation. Another important advantage over traditional UV roller finishes is the immediate drying time. Soft Touch UV 100% is a ready-to-use product with maximum ease of application, ideal for all flat surfaces, floors and even for applications on different materials such as ABS and PVC.

The new WATER-BASED UV MATT CLEAR SELF-SEALER is characterized by excellent resistance to abrasion, scratches and chemical agents. Thanks to its innovative formulation, this product is in fact ideal for wooden floors and stairs, but also for furniture, panels and doors, as it guarantees a high durability over time, as well as enhancing the beauty and warmth of the surfaces, achieving the highest aesthetic level. Easy to apply by spray on light and dark color hardwood, with fast physical drying, and no emissions.

The HIGH-GLOSS WATER-BASED UV CLEAR TOP COAT provides excellent looking surfaces, combined with extremely high chemical and mechanical resistances. Thanks to its remarkable transparency and its filling power, the new glossy finish achieves the same aesthetic result as acrylic and polyurethanic glossy topcoats, offering further advantages such as the high productivity typical of UV systems and the extremely low environmental impact.

The product can be applied by spray and is ideal for use on furniture, panels and doors.

Finally, the back wall of the stand hosts a broad overview of Croma Lacke painting solutions:

from special effects (rust, oxidized brass, embossed metal, brushed metal, concrete) to glossy and matte lacquered finishes; from Soft Touch solutions to anti scratch cycles, up to transparent solutions for interiors and exteriors.

Among these, Polyacryl stands out, an unprecedented category of wood coatings capable of concentrating – for the first time in a single technology – the finest characteristics of pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed polyurethane, acrylic and ureic finishes, boosting their performance and offering the market previously unthinkable functional capabilities. All this with a rigorously green approach. In fact, Polyacryl products contain no aromatic compounds, isocyanates or formaldehyde, which does not even develop during the use of these coatings.